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Jul 16, 2012 7:30am PDT
performance. if they do not, a notice of defect could be provided by the city and the path of resolution is undoubtedly the lease. if not resolved fairly and expeditiously, the city could take the extreme step of removing them management team under the terms of the lease. given however the 50-year excellent working relationships of far, we do not foresee that day coming. yet we have built into the lease this worst-case scenario and resolution to that scenario. there are also robust reporting requirements along the way as we move through the phases of construction. these include approval requirements of this city that covers the development plan, the budget, the design, the leasing schedule, and the rent schedule. these are all protective measures to insure a fair and equitable process is used in providing subtenant agreements and revenue flows are maximized. that in our best interest so the commencement of net revenue to this city is as early as possible. these are joint mutual goals of the corporation, association, and the city. i want to thank monica and michael for their pr
Jul 15, 2012 7:30pm PDT
of this city that covers the development plan, the budget, the design, the leasing schedule, and the rent schedule. these are all protective measures to insure a fair and equitable process is used in providing subtenant agreements and revenue flows are maximized. that in our best interest so the commencement of net revenue to this city is as early as possible. these are joint mutual goals of the corporation, association, and the city. i want to thank monica and michael for their presentation and thank the council and our counsel who spent years putting this together. it has been a thoughtful process going forward. we would not be here without the support and guidance of the corporation board as well as the pros a source the asian board who has been a partner in this venture. -- the pros association board. some issues need to come together but it has been moved out of land use and to the full board and it will be considering that i am on july 17. supervisor chu: does that complete your presentation? i do have a few questions. with regard to the 50-year positive experience we have
Jul 11, 2012 9:30pm PDT
moneys to the city that would at least assist in the relocation but not overburden the project and stretch it out. we wanted to have the capital project concluded as quickly as possible so net revenues can flow to the city quicker. supervisor chu: in terms of the financials, from now until 2036, that's going to be a time in which the city does not believe we will be receiving any revenue coming in from the produce market because that revenue is being put back into paying the debt service for the capital improvements through the various phases. after 2036 is what we expect to see that $1.5 million in revenue annually? >> that is correct. the city is not in fusing any additional capital to move the project ford, has to survive and grow based on the existing revenue streams from existing tenants and other non-city sources with the exception of the capital reserve they have accumulated. supervisor chu: you mentioned in the earliest part of your presentation a reference to 54 years. why that was relevant to creating a 60-year term. i did not quite catch how you got 54 years. >> if one a
Jul 5, 2012 12:00pm PDT
preparing a full rfp city-wide and we believe the sfpark project is providing new data for the rfp. supervisor elsbernd: any public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. can we send us the word as a committee report? that will be the order. we're going to skip ahead on item -- of items 2 and 3 and move to item no. 4. >> and designating the examiner to be the official newspaper of the city and county of san francisco. item #5, resolution designating the san francisco bayview and small business exchange to be outreach newspaper for the city. the western addition to be the neighborhood outreach newspaper ad provide outreach to advertising in fiscal year 2012 and 2013. >> i believe we have jennifer brown here? >> the first resolution as for the official advertising contract. the estimated annual value of the contract is $50,000. this contract is for fiscal year 2012-2013 and would expire on june 20, 2013. per the requirements, we have to conduct a solicitation, i evaluate and score the bidders for the contract award. this year, we received bids from "the examiner" and the " c
Jul 22, 2012 8:30am PDT
facilitate sanctuary city and antibullying programs and we have a charter to reduce tensions within the different groups of san francisco. this is a descriptor of what is actually here and what is actually moving. currently, we have the chapter 12 being nondiscrimination. jeppe to 14 being local business and the shirty bond and financial assistance program. after that transfer on august 1st, we will remain pause -- responsible for policy and attention discrimination complaints and remediation. an equal component -- equal benefits component will be the transition. the 14th being the local business enterprise at maturity bond component will be transitioned to the city administrator's office. a very simple description of position changes -- out of a total of 41 positions, 29 are being transferred to the city administrator, leaving 12 commit -- 12 positions to the human rights commission. all of the 14 local business enterprise compliance personnel and the shirty by individual. the remaining with the human rights commission are the investigation of complaints and remediation. also, we will
Jul 3, 2012 5:30am PDT
bringing in literally billions of dollars of revenue for the city. we collect over $3 billion annually. in the process of doing that, we process over 10 million payment transactions each year. as you heard this morning from the city's controller, two of the major revenues we collect, the property-tax, the business tax, are not only coming in higher, but higher than what was projected in the budget, for a total of approximately $65 million. we are proud to be able to assist the city in bringing in more and more revenue to pay for city services. with regards to our budget, our office is proposing a net reduction in staff for both of the budget years. we are still in what we consider to be good discussions with the budget analysts office and look forward to coming back with you with an update next week. in terms of recapping the work we have done recently in your office, we were very pleased to be able to complete a consolidation of the annual license billing for the department of public health, police, fire come and entertainment. we see this as a benefit to businesses in the city, particula
Jul 6, 2012 12:30pm PDT
issues that are important to the entire city -- i think the big issue that is really in people's minds is the state of the economy. how is it that we are going to be able to bring down the unemployment rate in san francisco? how is it that we can have sustainable job growth in different sectors in san francisco? how is it that our future generations -- our kids and use -- are trained so they are able to take advantage of what is emerging -- our kids and youth. weather is the health care industry and other things that might be looking rosier -- whether it is the health care industry and other things that might be looking rosier in terms of job activity. >> how will you balance the needs of your district against the needs of the city as a whole? >> -- supervisor chu: a lot of people ask that question. they ask how you can be an effective supervisor and have the city's overall interests in mind, but the thing people often lose is the fact that what is good for the city often times is good for our residents as well. if we are seeing huge economic uncertainty or recessions that are im
Jul 15, 2012 7:00pm PDT
supervisor campos. supervisor campos: just a quick question to the city attorneys office. this is a pruitt -- pretty frivolous appeal. is there any possibility that the city can try to recover attorneys' fees and staff time on something as frivolous as this? >> john from the city attorney's office. unfortunately to your point, any interested party under state law is allowed to bring an appeal to the board of supervisors, regardless of what you consider the merits of the appeal. there is no cost recovery issue. supervisor olague: i just wanted to mention that i hope this is the last time we have to hear an appeal on this project. it is very tragic that we are sitting here listening to this given that the nature of the project is very good. that has to deal with housing transition and a former foster housingyouth housing. to continue to delay a project that has such merit is deplorable. i hope that the next time we hear about this project is breaking ground and they are getting ready to house those individuals that deserve that type of housing and the it. president chiu: any further d
Jul 16, 2012 7:00am PDT
the city attorney but there are instructions about the appointment. that is what we will do. we will ask the department to carry out the paperwork based on the vote this evening. >> [inaudible] >> we would expect the department to prepare findings based on our vote this evening pursuant to the timeline set forward in our rules, the closing council as well of the city attorney. is that right? and i guess we schedule it for another day. how far in advance? >> it will come back to the commission probably in six weeks or so. >> does that mean if we revoke the appointment that he cannot work his beat? >> your decision is finalized. the revocation of the appointment. all we're talking about is written findings to explain the decision consistent with your discussion. but the decision is final as of now. >> on behalf of mr. tachihara, [inaudible] >> your secretary will calendar the matter. >> ok. thank you. president mazzucco: the matter is concluded. i call line item number7. public comment on all matters pertaining to item nine. closed session, including public comment on a vote wheth
Jul 11, 2012 9:00pm PDT
authorizing the department of emergency management on behalf of the city and county of san francisco, serving as the primary grantee for the bay area site and as fiscal agent for the approval authority to retroactively accept and expand a fiscal year 2011 regional catastrophic prepared this grant program grant in the amount of $1,281,976 from the united states department of homeland securities to the california emergency management agency to enhance emergency planning within the bay area region. >> i'm from the department of emergency management. the legislation before you is $1.2 million for the bay area region to enhance catastrophic planning and in this grant program this year, we will be expanding $1.2 million on regional exercises. i will be happy to answer any questions. supervisor chu: it looks like there is about $420,000 of matching funds currently. is that currently budgeted in your department? >> it is not. their regional funds are divided proportionally depending on the agency that participate. i can tell you in the past, san francisco has expanded their portion in hard m
Jul 17, 2012 2:00pm PDT
. we are providing it will clap -- world-class education for the youth of the city, which is extremely important to keeping families in san francisco. i agree on the importance in this issue. the school district is independent of the city and we have had a history of working together to closely support their work. in our most recent budget we had a number of efforts aimed at mitigating state budget cuts that would significantly impact our school children. even though the city's economy continues to improve, the rest of the state has not caught up with us and it continues to reduce support for our school district. unfortunately, there are triggered cuts on local schools as a budget solution. there is only so much of this that we can tolerate. meaning that the city needs to step up. our budget put our money where our mouth is. in the form of real dollars directly to the school district and programs and services that support learning. the city provided $28.6 million last year and plans more for next fiscal year. this is a 16% increase. the city provides additional support from our rainy d
Jul 17, 2012 10:30am PDT
facing the city. welcome. thank you for joining us today. tell us about your background, where you grew up, went to school, and what kind of jobs to have had. >> i grew up in the philadelphia area, in new jersey. i went to school up and down the east coast. i went to undergrad at duke university. i went to law school at harvard. after clerking for a judge, i came out here in 1997. i have been here for the last 14 years. i have always lived in the castro. i am an attorney. i started out in private practice. i settle private law firm during complex commercial litigation. in 2002, and moved over to the sentences the city attorney's office where i worked on the trial team doing trials for the city, handling my own cases, and supervising a team of attorneys as well. >> why did you choose to live in san francisco? >> i always assumed i would go back to the philadelphia area since that is where my family is. i was always interested in san francisco in terms of what it is as a city, its culture, it's amazing lgbt community. i came out here for a summer, fell in love with it. i have been in
Jul 18, 2012 2:30pm PDT
you through some of the highlights of the book or at this time. as many people know, the city and its payroll expense tax has been a controversial subject for many years. the comptroller's office has been working on an alternative since last fall. both of the measures before you are derived from a report be prepared for the business community on may 10. the two proposals are virtually identical except for the fact that they raise different amounts of revenue from our business registration fees. the mayor and the president's legislation would raise $13 million. as many people may know, the city in the past had a hybrid rose receipts payroll tax for businesses calculated both and took whichever was greater. a similar system was declared unconstitutional in los angeles, leaving the city to abandon that tax, reducing the city's revenue from the gross receipts side in 2001. the city also issued approximately $7 million in bonds to cover settlement costs at that time. there have been subsequent efforts to change the business tax at the ballot that were both unsuccessful. since that time
Jul 19, 2012 3:00pm PDT
partnerships. it enables those of us in the nonprofit community to network with city agencies, with other nonprofits, to network with many members of the public who come to our meetings. sometimes there is not even an extra seat in the room. there are so many people who, you are enthusiastic and excited. we're grateful for the support for the food security task force, and we look forward in the future to serving the city of san francisco, and again, the many vulnerable people who really do not know where their next meal is coming from. thank you. chairperson kim: thank you for your service on the task force. any other public comment? public comment is closed. i do see a legislative aide to supervisor mar. office. do you have anything to share? >> on behalf of supervisor mar, he bought it -- he apologizes for not being here. i'm year to answer questions on his behalf. these many years, they have been a great help and we hope it can be reauthorize and continued. >>chairperson kim: this item is now before us. supervisor campos: i would like to thank supervisor mar and his staff for all of th
Jul 16, 2012 8:30am PDT
wider may be the width of my foot. 12 inches wide. in cases like that. the city considers those historic curbs they go from way back >> this is historic in its own way. >> in its own way. >> the interesting thing is is this is an interesting color of granite this is atypical color because it has orange. >> let's look at another issue all over the city and it has to do with this door. this is a door that's hinged to swing out over the sidewalk. we have that all over the city with the metal graets and security bars is this allowed? >> they are allowed. we look at the neighborhood pattern. we look at the part of town its in. it is as long as its see through. required by the planning department, and as long as it -- we know it springs out feet and self closing mechanism, on a spring. on brand-new ones we require an audio alarm or a flashing light. audio or video alarm that if a blind person is walking along the sidewalk they don't get hit but somebody opening their door. >> there is a conflict with the building code that says you can only have a door swing 12 inches over the sidewal
Jul 21, 2012 8:00am PDT
weather. this is the fourth of six budget town hall meetings we are holding all over the city and i want to thank both supervisors, and carmen has been at every single one of them. she will be helping the mayor to establish and craft to make the best decisions about are very complicated city budget. but i want to say that it begins, and the budget -- i was here last year when we had a lot of input from you and that in but did make a difference. we are listening very carefully. that is the only way i feel i and the board of supervisors can run this city well, is to listen to what the people in the neighborhoods and running small businesses say, going out there and getting your input. i want to say thank you to all of the various department heads with us today because they have been spending their saturdays and weekday evenings with us as they listened very carefully. they have commissions and commissioners who are here today giving us input, so we will have a lot of input and i hope you feel your government is listening because that is the way we ought to be making sure the budget reflect
Jul 10, 2012 8:00am PDT
. it's a chance for us to honor the tremendous work that happens in the city and also to honor the individuals who are responsible for some of that success. congratulations to all of our honorees. we're very grateful for your work. let's give a hand for them. [applause] the good government awards also support spur's good government work. it is a central part of our mission. our agenda is admittedly ambitious. we analyze every local measure on the san francisco ballot, which until recently was a pretty formidable task. we participate in most of the major issues of city government from pension and payroll tax reform to some of the most important discussions on how we fund a lot of our public services, whether that finding different revenue streams for our parks, are trying to find new ways to fund public transportation in the city. we're very happy to be working with mayor lee and the board to address a lot of these issues. this will clearly be a busy year for us. another component of our work is connecting the city's robuspro o assistance with our many business partners. this is a c
Jul 3, 2012 7:00am PDT
public agencies and public private institutions. we enforce the sanctuary city ordinance, he'd crime coalition, we facilitate the human trafficking collaborative and also, the anti-policing programs. the divisions as it is right now in 2000 we have the 12 benefits division. this will be the three final contracting leaving of the policy group and discrimination complaint investigation mediation division at the hrc. >> we received a handout. dew point as to what page. >> i am on page 4. >> going to page 5, you will see budget outlook for 12-13. what it shows is a reduction of aso positions from 41 positions in 11-12 to a reduction of 29 positions which would transition to the city administrator's office. leading 12 positions at the agency -- hrc. we will be reducing from $5.80 million worth of total budget for 11-12 to $1.80 million for 12-13. which is a reduction of $3.90 million. go to slide #6. you can see a compared of total production for the sources of $5.841 million worth of sources of income, revenue for 11-12, down to 1.63412 -- for 12-13. about over 90% of our funding came fr
Jul 15, 2012 10:00am PDT
be transferred from the human rights commission to the city administrator. president chiu: can you read the consent agenda? >> an ordinance authorizing settlement of the lawsuit filed by waterfront watch against the city for $225,000, establishing a process for review. how to reduce emissions at pier 27 and agreement not to place a jumbo screen on the water. on item one. [roll call vote] there are a 111 aye's. amending the tax cut to -- [unintelligible] supervisor farrell: this is an item we continued a couple weeks ago while budget negotiations were going on in committee. we will do the thanks later, and we will be hearing it in a little bit. as part of the contemplated a budget, it is an extension for small businesses that applies citywide. the goal here is for hundreds of jobs a year, to really send a signal as we continue to debate the gross receipts transition that we support our small business community. i want to thank my co-sponsors who worked very closely with me on that. we hope to have your support to their again. >> colleagues, i want to thank you for your consideration
Jul 2, 2012 10:30pm PDT
budget. the other revenues, and we mentioned a few of them, are the city's rainy day fund, which we are counting in this budget. we are happy that the sales tax is projected to increase. we do not have the federal jobs fund any more. it is no longer funding we will have coming our way. we have mandated cost revenues that are accounted for in the state budget but we do not have a budget line item for them. they are not projected to come in for this coming school year. we do not have funding there. when we think about our expenditures, we are reflecting a number of reductions. the 4 fou -- furlough days, we have made cuts to sabbaticals, cut teacher services. we do not have the support from previous years that we would like to have again. we have reduced professional government, summer school, and general education transportation. we also have some cuts to the english-language arts adoption. as well as special education and health and pension benefits. we have made a number of cuts to make sure we are able to squeeze within the dollars that we have. as we look at special education as a sp
Jul 7, 2012 3:30pm PDT
from general funds to this unit without hiring the positions as proposed by the city attorney? >> des moines understanding from the discussion with the city attorney -- my understanding from the discussion with the city attorney is they have been moving from affirmative litigation to do other city attorney responsibilities. what they need is an additional attorney and paralegal to be dedicated within the affirmative litigation unit to consumer protection. what i am suggesting is taking the existing attorney and paralegal and dedicating them to the consumer protection unit, which would be the dedicated funding. instead of taking them away to do other demands, because it is acknowledged these two other positions are an expansion. supervisor wiener: right. but by pulling people off of other responsibilities, that could be taking them off the trial team, evaluating whichever department? >> that is correct. but that is what has been happening here for. i would also note that is discussed in our recommendations. it is an expansion. as you know, in the department budget, there is an increase
Jul 6, 2012 2:00pm PDT
i mean the sense that we have to make government and the city work for everyone, and that means that not just those who are doing well. it is also those who are not doing so well. it also means making sure the city works for the middle class and to think of innovative ways of addressing issues and to not be afraid to think outside the box. that is what i see as being "progressive," in that sense. ultimately, there is a guiding principle. that is how i approach government. i believe in good government, transparency, accountability. i believe in making sure that we follow best practices. i think that is something that often times transcends the left, the middle, the right. it goes beyond that. and that is why, you know, as a supervisor i focus so much on contracts and how the city spends money, which is not traditionally a progressive issue. but i believe we have an obligation to make every penny count and to make sure that we are making the most for the very limited resources we have. >> let's talk about the issues facing san francisco. what do you feel are the biggest issues facing t
Jul 13, 2012 2:00am PDT
very conservative. [inaudible question] >> that is the great thing. the cost to the city isoff set a lot by the public-private partnership. but having a web-based server versus a client server, it is probably 20 cents or 25 cents on the dollar. the beauty of this system is that susan and her team does all the engineering on it. we don't have to call for help or whatever. it is just a change in engineering or a software change. president chiu: welcome to the board of supervisors meeting, can you please call the roll? >> [roll call] casmr. president, all members ae present. president chiu: can you join me in the pledge of allegiance? we have the june 5, 2012 meeting minutes. can we approve those minutes? without objection, those minutes are approved. >> i have a communication, in receipt of a notice of transfer function dated june 29, 2012 result. it provides notice of approximately 29 positions and classifications to be transferred from the human rights commission to the city administrator. president chiu: can you read the consent agenda? >> an ordinance authorizing settlement of the
Jul 7, 2012 4:30am PDT
lighting, it, pavement markings at the bus stop, the bus zone, car painting at the bus stop, a city street lighting, landscaping, fencing, sidewalks, ramps and eight small portion of pavement and drainage. -- and the small portion of pavement and drainage. the small portion city is being asked to maintain is the result of the city trust improvements -- presidio trust improvements, and the state of caltrans up under a cooperative agreement. this is just to delineate maintenance responsibilities. supervisor mar: colleagues, if there are no comments, let's open this up to public comment. is there anyone from the public would like to speak on this item? seeing none, public comment is closed. can we move this item up for with a positive recommendation without objection? thank you. could you please call item no. 2. >> ordinance amending the administrative code to allow the port to perform demolition repair and replacement on peers. supervisor avalos: thank you for scheduling this item so quickly. this is a measure i am sponsoring on behalf of the port. is going to help support the more efficient
Jul 11, 2012 3:00am PDT
as a city, we can advocate for more support for the schools. as a former member of the board of education, we do not have control over what the school district, the superintendent, and staffed due. i want to do everything i can as an ally on the board of supervisors to support the financial crisis. that is my intent moving this hearing forward. i want to say, first of all, we will have a couple of presentations from the school district and the city comptroller's office and then we will open up public comment, where a number of people will speak. i went to first introduced monique from the deputy city comptroller and matthew from the san francisco unified school district, the executive director of policy and operations. i would like ask if nancy can come and present on the financial crisis. >> good afternoon writ -- good afternoon. i am happy to present an update on the school district's budget for you. what you have in front of you is a pretty thorough update. i would be glad to respond to any requests to move along a little more quickly if that is something you would prefer. i
Jul 30, 2012 11:30am PDT
city agencies this year. the other clients include the city department of emergency services, the seven cisco bicycle coalition, the visitors bureau. results of these other challenges will be presented at the architecture and the city festival on september 27. this evening's presentation -- this year we added a focus on developing new forms of community engagement. over the last few days we were closely with twitter over the design of tonight's presentation to provide links to this presentation with their internal network, to create an opportunity for you, as a civic leaders to engage in dialogue beyond the boundaries of this room. if you tweet, use #rethink soma. we're wanting to engage workers and visitors beyond the dialogue with those who may not normally come to this meeting. we'll be working with the planning department to figure out what you may want to do with these comments. we approach to planning and preservation department in january with a question, how can civic leaders balance the desire for sustainable architecture in san francisco? at the request of the planning d
Jul 20, 2012 11:30am PDT
your thoughts on the city's economic development? are we on the right track? what would you like to change about the city's approach to developing economies? >> in the chair of the land use committee this year, and i was vice chair last year with our former chair from the bayview hunters point area. i guess i approach land use and economic development from a different perspective. i'm not against development, but i want it to be equitable so we look at the lowest income populations or even middle income populations so that residents have a strong say as development moves forward, whether it is the park ridge said development in the southern, western part of the city or even treasure island with there's many low-income families that currently live there. but it is a strong voice for the residents that currently are there. we also want to see new people moving into the city, and hopefully, we focus also on families and housing that provides better homes and home opportunities for families, but i always say that i support equitable development. i also do feel that big business and down
Jul 26, 2012 7:00am PDT
8, 2012 as the 43rd mayor of the city and county of san francisco. ed lee is the first asian- american mayor in san francisco history. [applause] mayor lee was elected on november 8, 2011 by the people of san francisco while he was serving as interim mayor. appointed unanimously as successor mayor by the board of supervisors on january 11, 2011. while serving as interim mayor, mayor lee championed balancing the budget to keep san francisco safe, solvent, and successful. reforming city pensions, economic developments, a job creation, and public safety as his top priorities. mayor lee has worked hard to keep the economy and economic recovery on track, create jobs for residents, and everything that supports a thriving economic climate like parks, transit, housing, quality of life in the neighborhoods, and public safety. mayor lee's focused on job creation, taking responsibility for building san francisco's future. for helping each other and that government more efficient and accountable through innovation and technology. here to talk about the priorities, please welcome our 43rd
Jul 22, 2012 9:00am PDT
working under the direction of the city administrator. they will be evaluating files, making recommendations, but ultimately, the director of the human rights commission has the authority under chapter 12b of equal benefits ordinance to determine if someone is or is not compliant. the ultimate decision has to be made by the director. interestingly, it is the director and not the commission. there is no appeal to the commission. supervisor campos: i guess the question for me is more of a practical one. i can see the director being able to make that determination where the director retains day- to-day oversight and supervision of some of these individuals. i wonder if you could tell me then -- how does that work? to the extent that they will be day to day reporting to the administrator -- i just want to understand how that works. >> i did not think it has been put into place yet. it is hard for anyone to understand the question, but i think the factual analysis will be made and reported to the ultimate decision maker, and i of the ultimate decision maker is not the city adminis
Jul 19, 2012 3:30pm PDT
legislative changes. supervisor campos: i want to ask a couple of questions of the city administrator's office, but first, in terms of the transition, you know, take some time to move a function from one agency to another. i am wondering how this has been going since the announcement was made, and do you feel that we are engaging in a smooth process that will facilitate the function continuing, to make sure that there is no disruption in that? >> as i'm sure you know, change is hard, particularly in a more institutionalized organization, but the city administrator herself has come and talk to our staff twice. we have had discussions and meetings with the unions. the union's support it. we have had many discussions one-on-one with individual staff. they support it, and they shared many of the same concerns that you asked me about a few minutes ago. it has had its ups and downs. it has been released mou for a week and then will go off track for a few days. now, i think everyone is in a mode of they understand it is going to happen. they understand where they are going. local business will
Jul 13, 2012 12:00pm PDT
in. i ran for office because i wanted to serve the city and protect all that is so special about san francisco. >> what lessons did you learn after campaigning for supervisor? >> san franciscans are incredibly interested in their city government, local politics, and making sure that we remain the most amazing city in the world. i learned that san franciscans during campaign read everything they are sent in the mail. they love to meet the candidates and engage in conversations with them. i learned how important it is to build bridges between different communities, particularly communities of diversity that we have. i was incredibly honored to have been elected in november of 2008. >> where do you place yourself on the political spectrum? >> i consider myself someone who shares the progressive values that many sentences can hold dear. we have been a beacon to the rest of the world region that many sentences skins hold dear. we have been a beacon to the rest of the world for those. >> you are president of the board. describe the role of the opposition and the responsibilities that come
Jul 15, 2012 12:00pm PDT
say and what our experts in our city departments respond to the various environmental concerns. a march letter from superintendent frank deem from the national park service golden gate national recreation area that makes important points about how we need to coordinate this project with the golden -- ocean beach master planning progress and we have been a part of this and important concerns raised by superintendent dipane by -- about bird migration and dark skies and other issues. i am hoping we focus on significant or other impacts on those issues. as supervisor for the richmond district, i have to listen to the residents of the inner richmond and other parts of the park who have some concerns also of the impact of traffic and perhaps new families and people that will come in to visit the fields if we approve the project so i am looking at how the hours and the lighting can be mitigated if the project moves forward as well. i am looking forward to this debate and appeal and will be weighing carefully in favor of families while trying to protect the environment as well. looking fo
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